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What is the Role of a Pedodontic?

November 26, 2020

It’s difficult to forget the delight new parents feel when they first see their sweet newborn.  With each new day come new ways that bring pleasure to mom and dad, including the appearance of those first baby teeth, looking for all the world like tiny pearls. That first tooth, usually the lower front tooth, usually appears around 6 months, and by the age of 3, most babies will have all their new teeth.

Realizing the importance of maintaining good dental health in children, parents seek the advice of pedodontists (also known as pediatric dentists), who are highly trained in this area. At the office of Pediatric Dentistry and Beyond, our priority is your child’s oral health. We recommend you start his or her care early, even before the age of one. We will examine the teeth for signs of early decay, monitor orthodontic concerns, track jaw and tooth development, and provide a good resource for parents.  

Among the first signs of problems in young teeth is tooth decay, a very preventable but a very common chronic disease in children. Our pedodontists will perform a full exam of the child’s mouth, a professional cleaning, and a possible fluoride treatment in order to protect the tooth’s enamel. During the visit, good brushing and flossing habits are discussed, as well as proper diet. 

Think of the office of Pediatric Dentistry and Beyond as your go-to destination for maintaining your child’s oral health, including instructions for youngsters on how to care for their own teeth, and eating foods that are good for strong teeth and bones. For more information on all of our services, give us a call today.

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