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Tips for Keeping your Child’s Teeth Healthy During Flu Season

February 5, 2020

Flu season is here, bringing with it coughing, sniffling, aches and pains. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to make sure your child stays healthy. But did you know that having a cold or the flu could actually hurt your little one’s pearly whites?

At the office of Pediatric Dentistry and Beyond, our professional team is committed to pediatric oral health, and wants to play an active role helping your child maintain a healthy set of teeth at every developmental stage. Here are five tips to help protect your child’s teeth, especially during flu season:

  1. Encourage good brushing habits: Make sure your child understands that cleaning their teeth is essential, no matter how bad they’re feeling. Make sure they spend at least two full minutes brushing every morning and every night.
  2. Make sure they drink: When your son or daughter is sick, they need to drink plenty of fluids to help fight the infection. If your child can’t breathe through their nose properly, dry mouth could develop, a condition where the mouth doesn’t have enough saliva. This increases the risk for cavities and gum infections.
  3. Toss out the old toothbrush: As soon as your little one starts feeling better, replace their toothbrush. Using an old one later when they’re well could re-infect them down the road.
  4. Make sure they gargle with saltwater: Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in an eight-ounce glass of water. Have your child gargle and spit until the solution is gone. This helps reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the mouth and throat, and cuts down on the effects of bad breath and dental plaque.

At the office of Pediatric Dentistry and Beyond, we offer the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care for your child’s dental needs. For more information about the services we provide, give us a call today.

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