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Jennifer M.

Very friendly staff. They make my son feel very confident and he actually looks forward to the Dentist. Thank you.

Julius K.

This place was just golden they made my son's first dentist visit such a nice experience even though we had to fill his cavity especiallyfor a kid with special needs. I liked the fact that we were in and out in about 20 minutes tops. The staff was very friendly and they explained the procedure needed and being a kid gave me options. My wife was actually amazed how soon we got back after the procedure at first she thought they couldn't do it only to realize it was a done deal. I liked how the waiting room was not cluttered and there was only one other family the Covid protocol in place, only allowed atleast 2 families at a time making my son and I feel very comfortable and safe since you had to wait in the car outside until requested in. This is a very child friendly place highly recommended.

Lora B.

This is a great place! Dr. Jaz Singh is amazing and understands children very well and makes them feel comfortable.

Kali B.

They are so great here! Excellent with the kiddos and parents. Mary is amazing. She makes the children feel comfortable in ways that makes the parents extremely appreciative. Basically the best experience a kid could have going to the dentist.

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